Binance’s 5% loss in market share – What happened in 2023?

  • The end of its zero-fee trading program and enforcement action reduced Binance’s share.
  • OKX and Bybit take the second and third positions, respectively.

The performance of centralized exchanges (CEXes) has become a barometer to gauge the health of the broader crypto market.

Inasmuch, a crypto research firm recently published an annual report analyzing the performance of the exchange industry in 2023.

Binance loses 5% market share in 2023

As always, the focus was on the world’s largest and most popular trading platform, Binance [BNB].

The crypto behemoth’s market share dropped below 50% during the year, indicating that it no longer controls the bulk of the market.

Indeed, Binance lost 5% of its market in 2023, down from 54.2% at the start to 48.7% by the 31st of December.

Source: TokenInsight

The report noted that Binance had a healthy share in the first half of 2o23, which oscillated from the highs of 60% to 52% on average.

These events pulled Binance back

However, critical events like the end of its zero-fee trading program and enforcement action by regulators significantly reduced its market dominance. The report highlighted that within three months of the regulatory action, Binance’s share fell below 50%.

Recall that Binance has been at the receiving end of unrelenting regulatory pressure in the U.S., with cases of violation of rules by both its spot and derivatives trading operations.

Late last year, another major event shook up Binance — the exit of its charismatic CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ). Following this, the exchange’s market share tumbled 32%.

However, the FUD gradually subsided, and the top trading platform rose to 48% by the time the year ended.

Despite the losses, Binance retained its dominance in both the spot and derivatives markets when analyzed independently. While it held a 55% market share in spot trading, its derivatives market share was 53.7%

Source: TokenInsight

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Major gainers in 2023

Notably, OKX and Bybit took the second and third positions in the overall exchange market share, with a breakdown of 16.1% and 12.3% respectively.

Both CEXes experienced the most significant gains as well, with their market shares increasing by 4.3% and 2.2%, respectively.

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