Mercedes-Benz Unveils In-Car Virtual Assitant with NFT and Generative AI Capabilities

The virtual assistant is designed to offer very natural and empathetic interactions with consumers and features four different emotions.

One of the ways that we see blockchain-based assets progressing is the ways in which they are made more accessible in everyday life. This is especially true when they are being pushed by major corporations and we have seen this time and time again. One of the latest examples of this comes from Mercedes-Benz, which unveiled its new MBUX Virtual Assistant at CES 2024. This virtual assistant comes with a horde of capabilities, including generative AI and NFT options.

Details About the MBUX Virtual Assistant

This new virtual assistant has been described as “the most human-like interface with a Mercedes-Benz yet”. The assistant is designed to offer very natural and empathetic interactions with consumers and features four different emotions. This means that as customers use the assistant, they will enjoy more nuanced and personal responses.

Generative AIs have been having a major moment in the public spotlight in the last few years and companies are quick to meet users’ demands for it. Specifically, there has been a bigger push among consumers for AI assistants and products to not only be more accurate but to be more human as well. With this rise of quality AI content, top companies are also getting involved.

On top of the improvements made to the assistance human-like qualities, Mercedes-Benz has also announced MBUX Surround Navigation, which applies both advanced 3D game-engine graphics and MB.OS to enhance the process of navigation. Another notable development is the addition of NFT capabilities to its app portfolio. Now, the MBUX Virtual Assistant can display NFTs to drivers, making it the first car in the world to do so.

This comes at an interesting time as the NFT market has seen a bit of a slump in the last year. Many critics have written off the NFT sector as a whole but clearly, there is still some demand for it. Both within the wider NFT market and among corporate entities, NFTs are clearly still being made and used. Mercedes-Benz, for example, has released the limited-edition Mercedes-Benz NXT Superdackel collection that commemorates last year’s CES event.

And as the crypto market overall seems to be on track to do better this year, we could see the NFT market make a recovery as well. And NFTs and generative AI are not the only things that Mercedes-Benz is offering its customers. The company announced a new collaboration with American artist, an in-car music experience called MBUX SOUND DRIVE. Other collaborations include some with Audible and Amazon Music that look to enhance the in-car storytelling experience.

Should all these features be well-received by the public, it will be interesting to see what Mercedes-Benz has in store for next year’s CES.


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