Jason Kelce Confirms His Perfect McDonalds Order After Heartwarming Exchange With Employee

Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce has yet to officially announce his potential NFL retirement, but thanks to his social media, NFL fans now know one thing the beloved center is sure about: his perfect McDonald’s order.

Kelce’s order became the subject of speculation after he made news on Wednesday morning by gifting of a jersey to his favorite McDonald’s employee Danielle Bonham during a breakfast run. The post prompted a reply from ex-NFL player-turned analyst Ross Tucker, touting the greatness of the Sausage McMuffin with Egg.

Kelce reacted to Tucker’s take with a NSFW confirmation, revealing his go-to meal to start the day: “2 sausage egg and cheese and a large coffee. Every time!”

As a player with no shortage of supporters, Kelce’s answer will likely garner him even more love, especially with the father of three’s relatable addition of a “large coffee” on the side.

Of course, other than sounding like the ideal “Jason Kelce Meal,” his answer likely won’t satisfy the hunger for news on the 36-year-old’s next steps in the days to come.

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