MeWe and Amplica Labs Achieve Historic 500K User Migration to Web3

The 500,000 migrated MeWe users now have personal control over their identities, data, assets, and online experiences.

MeWe, a social media platform, has partnered with Amplica Labs to move 500,000 active users to Web3 technologies. This transition uses Amplica’s Frequency blockchain, which gives users more control and independence over their social networking experiences through blockchain features.

MeWe is an alternative to ad-driven networks that focus on people and communities. By working with Amplica Labs on decentralized solutions, the social network wants to expand user rights and permissions, freeing them from the control of big tech companies that dominate other platforms.

The Chairman and CEO of MeWe, Jeffrey Edell, in commenting about the feat, said:

“Enabling half a million users to engage with Web3 technologies and enjoy its benefits is a significant milestone for us and the future of the internet. MeWe are excited to offer our users unprecedented levels of privacy and control, as well as a growing set of features and benefits that are enabled by these amazing Web3 technologies.”

A Solution to User Privacy and Data Protection

The Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) is the core technology behind this change. It embeds popular social features directly into the web, unlike current sites that keep functions like profiles and messaging separate. DSNP allows developers to integrate these features without limiting user independence.

Amplica Labs is an important part of developing DSNP as part of Project Liberty, a $500 million initiative led by McCourt Global. Project Liberty also introduced the frequency blockchain for decentralized social apps. By combining these technologies, MeWe gives users more ownership and control over their experiences.

With this integration, the 500,000 migrated MeWe users now have personal control over their identities, data, assets, and online experiences. Instead of being locked into MeWe’s closed platform, users have ownership and control over everything they create and share, thanks to blockchain keys.

After completing the initial integration, MeWe has plans to move all of its 20 million users to frequency-supported infrastructure in the next few months. This will make it the largest decentralized social platform in the world. It demonstrates a future for Web3, where users have control over their digital rights instead of being treated as data and attention commodities.

Frank McCourt, founder and executive chairman of Project Liberty and McCourt Global, also stated:

“Rather than accepting the current version of the internet, which has been co-opted and corrupted by a few powerful platforms, Project Liberty is demonstrating that there is a new version of the internet that can deliver great benefits to individuals and society without harm. In this digital era, ownership and control of one’s data should be a human right.”

MeWe and Amplica Labs have achieved something groundbreaking for the decentralized movement. Instead of simply adding cryptocurrency features to the existing platform, they have changed the underlying infrastructure itself to open protocols owned by the user community, not just one company.


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